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Fleurs Pompon Ros cushion (40 x 60 cm)Lovi Tree. Medium

Leaf-it Green. Set I

Adhesive paper for notes in shape of leaves. You can use it in a thousand ways: as a substitute for traditional notes, as an original bookmark, to create your own tree in the wall of the office ...
Manufacturer / designer: Appree
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Product information

Leaf-it adds a touch of originality, beauty and naturalness to the traditional office adhesive paper. Take notes and watch the leaves spread over the desktop. Put them on the wall and make your workspace look amazing. Mark the pages of your favorite books and give an original touch to your library. Or leave a message in the shape of a tree. Leaf-it design is very inspiring: once you have the leaves in your hands you'll discover a thousand and one ways to use them.

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- Features: Adhesive paper for notes. Includes: 3 x small size leaves (20 sheets each) and 1 x big size leaves (20 sheets).

- Dimensions: Big size leaves: 80 x 35 mm. Small size leaves: 55 x 20 mm.

- Material: Adhesive memo paper, PVC.

- Colour: Green.

About the designer: Appree

Appree is a small company based in Seoul, South Korea. They produce different items for the office, with a very particular design approach. For Appree designers it is essential to create small objects that have emotional value, that tell a story, to cause surprise or sense of discovery. Nature is not only their basic source of inspiration, but also an essential guide for the design process: Appree products seek to reproduce the atmosphere and calm that we all experience in contact with nature.

Appree creations have won several design awards in Korea and Germany. The company has participated in events and exhibitions in cities such as Seoul, Paris, Milan, Stockholm, Frankfurt and New York.

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