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Brin de Nature - Hanging compound leaf

Decorative hanging metal sculpture. Handcrafted by Honduran artisans under Fair Trade conditions.
Manufacturer / designer: Atuta for La Compagnie du Commerce Équitable
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Product information

This metal sculpture is part of the “Brin de Nature” collection, a set of nature-inspired decorative objects made in Honduras by ATUTO workshop in collaboration with La Compagnie du Commerce Equitable. Given the manual manufacturing process, each piece is unique. The production is made in decent working conditions, promoting the generation of employment in a rural area and with a special care for the environment. Brin de Nature will bring a subtle touch of naturalness to any corner of your home.

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- Features: Metal sculpture designed to hang it from the wall.

- Dimensions: 123 cm (H) x 26 cm (W). All pieces are handmade, so dimensions can vary slightly.

- Material: 100% recycled steel from Europe.

- Colour: The steel sculpture has a dark red – brown metallic colour.

Environmental and social information

- Social information: ATUTO workshop was created in 1995 by Holland Mills, designer and consultant of the NGO Aid to Artisans, in a mountainous area of Honduras. 10% of the products manufactured by ATUTO are designed by La Compagnie du Commerce Equitable, in order to facilitate their adaptation to the western market. Employees work under fair labour conditions. All artisans have an employment contract that guarantees social benefits and a retirement pension. The project has managed to employ 130 people in the ATUTO factory and 300 in the surrounding area. It has benefited women's employment and has achieved to deliver funds to local entrepreneurs to help them build their own working infrastructure. 10% of sales go to the AMBOS foundation, a non-profit entity created by ATUTO to help victims of Hurricane Mitch, which currently houses and educates 60 children and provides care to the elderly.

- Environmental information: It is a constant concern of “Brin de Nature” manufacturers and designers to improve the production process with the intention to make it more sustainable. The steel used in Brin de Nature products is 100% recycled. Additionally, the ATUTO foundation conducts a reforestation program in the area: in the last decade it has managed to plant over 5000 trees.

About La Compagnie du Commerce Équitable


La Compagnie du Commerce Equitable is a French company that works with artisans in developing countries. Currently, the Compagnie team designs, imports and distributes articles manufactured in Colombia, Honduras, Burkina Faso and India. The links established with the artisans are governed by the rules of "fair trade”: promotion of fair and decent working conditions, reduction of the number of intermediaries, transference of appropriate knowledge for the production, respect for the environment with regard to materials, manufacturing process, transport and packaging, and transparency in trade relations with respect to wages, production processes, pricing and profit margins. In this regard, there are three fundamental principles: setting a fair price, maintaining a lasting business relationship and the pre-financing of orders (50%). 

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