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Tin Tuffet

Handmade from a recycled can of oil or other similar product, this wonderful stool is produced in cooperation with a social integration project. Solid, robust, eco-friendly, original, colourful, socially responsible ... What else can you ask for?
Manufacturer / designer: Rafinesse & Tristesse
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Product information

Designed by Rafinesse & Tristesse, these wonderful stools are an extraordinary example of the art of recycling. Based on the concept of using as many recycled items as possible, all R&T products are unique, one of a kind objects.  Strengthened from the inside with wood, Tin Tuffet is very stable and suitable for adults and children. R&T products are manufactured in cooperation with social projects in Germany and Switzerland.

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- Features: Handmade stool covered with waterproof and stain resistant canvas. Every stool has four felt pads underneath and is strengthened from the inside with wood. Each piece is unique, colours vary from one stool to another and may differ from the examples shown in the pictures.

- Dimensions: Approx.: 23 x 23 x 40 cm.  Depends on the original can of oil used as the stool structure.

- Material: Tin, waterproof canvas, wood and felt. Materials may show signs of use, as scratches or dents, which are part of the design.

- Colour: Variable. Each stool is unique.

Environmental and social information

- Environmental information: While everybody sees a used can of olive oil as waste, Rafinesse & Tristesse sees it as a source of inspiration. With special attention to detail, Rafinesse & Tristesse transforms used products into artistic, playful and practical objects, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.

- Social information:  Since 2008, "Rafinesse & Tristesse" collaborates with social projects "Triva" and "USE" for the production of their stools Tin tuffet. "Triva" project offers support and assistance to ex-drug addicts and their families in Switzerland. Among diverse actions and activities, this project has created an employment program for people who have overcome their addiction problems. "USE" project is a German initiative that tries to provide disabled people with a safe working environment.

About the designers: Rafinesse & Tristesse

Since 2005, Karin Yilmaz Egger and Petra Schultz have been developing furniture and toys with focus on restoration and recycling. In 2007 they started “Rafinesse & Tristesse”. Katrin Gaberell, Tibet and Hasan Yilmaz and Christina Schultz joined the team in 2007.
In April 2007 they presented their toy kitchens in our first exhibition in “Kreuzberganker”, Berlin. Two months later they showed their first tin stools in an exhibition in the gallery and art society ZMF (Zur Möbel Fabrik) in Berlin. In subsequent years, they have exhibited in renowned exhibitions such as "Blickfang" in Tokyo, "Ambiente" in Frankfurt or "Drap Art" in Barcelona. Since 2008, Rafinesse & Tristesse is collaborating with the social projects Triva and USE for producing their stools "Tin tuffet." Triva is a working program for addicted people in Bern-Switzerland, and USE is a working station for handicapped persons in Berlin-Germany.

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