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Saveur d'aujourd'hui – Oval casserole

Oval ceramic casserole. Handcrafted by Colombian artisans in fair social and environmental conditions. Its manufacturing process, based on a tradition of more than three centuries old, gives this piece a unique texture and feel.
Manufacturer / designer: La Compagnie du Commerce Équitable
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Product information

This casserole is part of the Saveur d'Aujourd'hui collection developed by Colombian artisans in collaboration with La Compagnie du Commerce Equitable. The manufacturing process is a technique of 350 years old. The clay is dried, crushed with a mallet, sieved and mixed with water to obtain a smooth paste, then is shaped by a plaster cast (in the case of the larger pieces) or by hand (in the case of small ones). The pieces are partially dried up to a compact consistency, and then smoothed with semi-precious stones to give them a shiny finish, before moving to the baking process. Finally, natural fuels are burned to provide a slightly metallic sheen. The entire process is environmentally sustainable and is developed under fair labor conditions. Good cooks will appreciate this casserole for its heat retention and its capacity to preserve the flavours of food.

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- Features: Oval ceramic casserole. Each piece has a unique, organic finish. As with all handcrafted clay pot, it is strongly advised to boil milk in it before the first use, due to its slight porosity. Suitable for oven, gas cooker and electric hob.

- Dimensions: 29 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 17 cm (H). All pieces are handmade, so dimensions can vary slightly.

- Material: Made from the mixture of three types of clay collected from the bed of a river near the production area. No varnishes or lacquers are used for finishing.

- Colour: Black.

Environmental and social information

- Environmental information: The process of manufacturing Saveur d'aujourd'hui is 100% environmentally sustainable. Production requires only materials obtained directly from nature. The production of these pieces does not require any type of transport: the clay is collected in the bed of a river near the production area, and the whole process is done in situ. The molding requires no mechanization and no varnishes or lacquers are used.

- Social information: Part of Saveur d'aujourd'hui products have been designed by a French designer, so the collection is adapted to the demands of Western markets. All the artisans involved in the manufacturing process (mostly women) receive an adequate formation and schooling is provided for their children. The creation of jobs linked to pottery craft benefits local employment and helps avoid the exodus from rural areas to the city, a process that frequently leads to misery.

Producción de Saveur d'aujourd'hui

About La Compagnie du Commerce Équitable

La Compagnie du Commerce Equitable is a French company that works with artisans in developing countries. Currently, the Compagnie team designs, imports and distributes articles manufactured in Colombia, Honduras, Burkina Faso and India. The links established with the artisans are governed by the rules of "fair trade”: promotion of fair and decent working conditions, reduction of the number of intermediaries, transference of appropriate knowledge for the production, respect for the environment with regard to materials, manufacturing process, transport and packaging, and transparency in trade relations with respect to wages, production processes, pricing and profit margins. In this regard, there are three fundamental principles: setting a fair price, maintaining a lasting business relationship and the pre-financing of orders (50%). 

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