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Handcrafted table runner - MediumFlower Weave - Marigold Rug


7 600,00€
Decorative metal garland designed by Tord Boontje. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Flora is an arresting architectural element that can transform any space radically. Available in copper or stainless steel.
Manufacturer / designer: Tord Boontje Studio for Artecnica
Usually ships in: Approx. 6 - 8 weeks (on demand)

Product information

Larger than life, Flora’s vine-like metal garland is an arresting architectural element. Crafted from 1/8” sheet metal, Flora can be twisted and turned to form your favorite arrangement, and is easily suspended by wire cable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Flora is designed to slowly tarnish over time, giving it an elegant, antique luster. In addition to copper, Flora is now available in Stainless Steel.

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- Features: Pendant decorative structure, made of copper or stainless steel.

- Dimensions: 365,8 cm (length). Can be twisted and turned to adopt different configurations.

- Material: Copper or stainless steel. Flora is designed to slowly tarnish over time.

- Colour: Copper or stainless steel. 

About the designer: Tord Boontje


Throughout his work, Tord Boontje explores juxtapositions of the old and new, naturalism and technology. Born in the Netherlands in 1968, he studied industrial design at the Eindhoven Design Academy before enrolling at the Royal College of Art in London. Tord has developed a romantic and poetic aesthetic, depicting nature combined with a flair for vibrant colour. Following the success of the Wednesday Collection, Habitat’s production of his Wednesday light (the renowned Garland light), and his continued alliance with Swarovski, designing chandeliers for their Crystal Palace project, he was nominated for the Designer Of The Year Award at the Design Museum 2003. Tord was nominated Designer of the Year by Elle Decoration UK and the Garland Light won the awards for best light and readers choice for Future Classic. Tord Boontje is also Head of the Product Design Dept. at the Royal College of Arts in London where he teaches graduate courses.

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