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Charming. Package 3Handcrafted placemats. Set of 6

Desk Set

Elegant and eco-friendly, this desk set includes four components: a tape dispenser, stapler, envelope opener, and pen/card/envelope holder. Hand-crafted in Indonesia under fair labor conditions.
Manufacturer / designer: Magno / Singgih S. Kartono
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Product information

Hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village, this desk set follows the best sustainable practices in terms of materials and production. The designer's use of T-shape joints insures strength and adds a beautiful design detail. It is his quest to achieve functionality and absolute simplicity. Each piece is produced under fair labor conditions, in the context of a local development project. 

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- Features: The desk set includes four components: a tape dispenser, stapler, envelope opener, and pen/card/envelope holder.

- Dimensions: 16,5 x 12,5 x 4,5 cm (box)

- Material: Naturally Harvested Mahogany and Sonokeling Wood. The combination of both gives each piece a beautiful contrast of colours.

- Colour: Various shades of natural wood.

Environmental and social information

- Environmental information: In Kartono's words: "As a wood consumer, I feel morally responsible towards replacing the woods that I have used. This will ensure that all manufacturing activities that I conducted would not destroy the nature. I do this by replanting every single wood that I've used from the forest. The amount of wood replanted and selected is based on our yearly wood consumption, suitable age for wood to be grown and cut, and the requirement of land per tree. We estimated that for the 40 people we could employ, we could have replanted one to two hectares of land with our selected wood.

(...) We work together with the school to create a practical curriculum within the field of environmental generation. Four months ago, the students from this school have helped us to grow seeds. Currently, these seeds have grown into 1.000 young trees that are ready to be planted. We are planning to have these trees replanted around the school area. The students want to have schools that are surrounded by trees. All this activities are funded through a part of our sales income".

- Social information: The project of Singgih S. Kartono tries to boost the economy of his home village, a depressed area that has been affected by the introduction of intensive farming and the disappearance of traditional economic activities. The manufacture of Magno products is based in the perception of craftsmanship as a source of employment and local development. In Kartono's words "Craft is an alternative economic activity that has the potential to be developed and to grow in villages. It has characteristics that are suitable for villages' living conditions and growth prospects. These characteristics are that it is labor intensive, requires low technology and investment and abundance of local material input". This is a project with long-term goals that seeks, ultimately, to generate as many jobs as possible and improve the living conditions of local population.

About the designer: Singgih S. Kartono

Singgih Kartono graduated from Indonesia's Bandung Institute of Technology in 1992 with a degree in Product Design. Rather than remaining in the city and working for a design house, he returned to his village of Kandangan in Central Java to help to improve its economy and ecosystem. He established his company - Piranti Works - and taught workers carpentry skills following New Craft principals. He set up a tree nursery, where trees are planted to replace those used in production. He also distributes young trees free to villagers so they can re-plant on their own land. Singgih's use of materials and his production methods are helping to tackle the socio-economic and ecological problems of his village. His urge to give back to Kandangan has become the source of his endless energy and passion. Singgih is the recipient of Japan's prestigious "Good Design" award.

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