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Grand TrianonEarth Collection - Papyrus Weave Rug

Petit Trianon

Lightweight chandelier made of post-consumer coated Tyvek. This lamp is a modern reference to the opulent decor found in France's Palace of Versailles.
Manufacturer / designer: Paula Arntzen for Artecnica
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Product information

Petit Trianon is a smaller, detailed version of Grand Trianon. When lit up, the Petit Trianon emits a soft checkerboard glow from behind its surface of folded slits. The surface texture is a modern reference to the opulent decor found in France‚Äôs Palace of Versailles. In Paula Arntzen‚Äôs words: ‚Äúeverything about the art and architecture of the Versailles is made with the greatest intensity. That inspired me to start this collection of lamps.‚ÄĚ

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- Features: Lightweight lamp. 60W maximum lamp rating. Power cord not included. Compatible with Artecnica Power Cord available in our catalogue.

- Dimensions: 38.10 cm (D) x 63.5 cm (H).

- Material: Post-consumer coated Tyvek. Tyvek is the trademark of a material made of high-density polyethylene fibers. It is characterized by its durability, resistance and high breathability which contrast with the paper-like surface appearance. You can even write and print on it!

- Colour: White.

Environmental information

Tyvek is a plastic material developed by DuPont that is characterized by its high durability and resistance, which helps extend the useful life of the product. In addition to this, it has a high degree of recyclability. A good example of this is the Grand Trianon lamp: Tyvek used in its manufacture comes exclusively from post-consumer waste. However, the Tyvek recycling program run by Dupont is currently limited to the United States. If not recycled, Tyvek has a relatively low environmental impact compared with other artificial materials.

About the designer: Paula Arntzen

Dutch Artist Paula Arntzen, born in 1980, is currently working in Arnhem where she has her own design studio. Arntzen studied traditional furniture making at HMC in Amsterdam before she studied Product Design at ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem. Paula's Designs represent a combination of the lightness, color and monumental shaping. Her designs find their origin in a fascination for grand forms and qualities of a material. After constant study and observation she managed to obtain a deep knowledge and understanding of the material and it unique characteristics. This is a procedure through which the designer decides not only on the form and shape but also on the elements that will determine and lead to a multifunctional object creation. A creation that will serve both decorative and functional roles in a space.

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