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Lovi Tree. Large

A wonderful wooden tree made of high-quality birch plywood, obtained from sustainably managed forests in Finland. It will look fantastic as a decorative object in any corner of your home. You can hang your Lovi Birds and Lovi Hearts from it!
Manufacturer / designer: Lovi / Anne Paso
Usually ships in: Approx. 20 - 30 days

Product information

This beautiful tree emerged from the imagination of Finnish designer Anne Paso. Anne plays with symmetry and soft lines to create designs that have a geometric elegance and feel organic at the same time. Lovi Tree is both a fun puzzle and a lovely decorative element that will catch your guests’ eyes! Do not forget to use Lovi Birds and Lovi Hearts to add a touch of life and colour to its branches!

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- Features: Decorative tree made of high-quality birch plywood. It comes disassembled in a flat pack ready for shipping. The pieces are assembled together easily without tools or adhesives. Assembly instructions included.

- Dimensions: 135 cm (H). Package dimensions: 136 cm x 71 cm x 3,5 cm.

- Material: High-quality birch plywood, obtained from sustainably managed forests in Finland.

- Colour: Light wood.

Environmental information

Lovi products are made of birch plywood, obtained from sustainable forest management. However, the designer Anne Paso believes that it is not sufficient to use a source material that respects the environment. That is why Lovi has carried out a reforestation campaign to help fight climate change and the environmental effects of deforestation. Since the beginning of the campaign in 2008 they have managed to plant 8,000 trees in areas affected by drought, erosion and floods, through collaboration with the organization Finn Church Aid.

About the designer: Anne Paso

In December 2001 Anne Paso decided to create her own wooden balls to decorate the Christmas tree and replace the traditional plastic balls. After trying with adhesives, she thought that a better way to build a sphere out of wood would be to design a puzzle ball. Anne devised an innovative way to join pieces of wood by means of grooves ("lovi" in Finnish) and patented her system. In 2006 she created her own company to market her creations. Lovi products are characterized not only by their unique design, but also as the result of an ethical and environmentally committed project.

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