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Entrance mat – Nest Weave

Hand woven hemp entrance mat. Made in India under fair labour conditions. It will welcome your guests with a charming natural, organic style.
Manufacturer / designer: Armadillo & Co
Usually ships in: 3 - 7 days

Product information

These inviting woven pieces are designed not for scraping feet but for gracing doorways as you step inside, and are perfect for polished wood and tiled floors. Hand made from handsome and hardy natural hemp, they can also sit just as happily on the porch or perhaps as a bedside, bath or even pet mat.

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- Features: Hand woven hemp entrance mat.

- Dimensions: 60 cm x 100 cm.

- Material: Hemp.

- Colour: Natural.

Environmental and social information

Armadillo & Co founders, consider their artisans as their “extended family”. In their words: “We treat them all with the care, respect and love one would a father, a mother, a sister or a brother. The intricate tradition of carpet weaving has been passed down through generations, so many of our people are indeed families.They are all carefully selected for both their hands and their heart - that is, not just their skills but their sensitivity to our design vision. And every individual is treated like one.They are paid above average wages. They are integral to their local community's livelihood. Most importantly, they are carrying on a lineage that deserves preservation.”

Armadillo&Co collaborates with ‘Care & Fair’, an initiative against illegal child labour in the carpet production industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan. They are consciously active when it comes to community involvement and evolvement and proudly contribute financially to local education. Absolutely no child labour is in any way employed in their rug making. When purchasing any rug or carpet made in India, look for the ‘KALEEN’ label. Issued by the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India, it guarantees that child labour was not used in manufacture. Naturally, all of Armadillo & Co rugs made in India carry this label.

Armadillo & Co products are entirely made from sustainable natural fibers.


About the designers: Armadillo & Co

Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst, founders of Armadillo&Co, first met collaborating on a rug project for Jodie’s business, Bholu. That’s when they discovered that what they really had in common was our search for the uncommon. In their words: “Where were the honest and earthy rugs we wanted for our own homes? No other product matched our passion. For us, it was all about combining aesthetics with ethics. So what we couldn’t find, we decided to make. Together, we have over 25 years experience in our heartfelt fields of design and textiles. More specifically, we’ve both worked with rugs. And no, we don’t call them ‘floor coverings’: we prefer the cosiness of ‘rugs’. It’s more real. And more real is us in a nutshell.

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