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Buying guide

Here you can find more information about our online shop and the purchasing process. Simply browse the menu below to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is an online shop?

You don’t know what an online shop is? You think shopping over the Internet is difficult and it won’t be worth all the bother? Perhaps you think it can’t be a safe way of doing your shopping? Or you’re not confident about buying something before you see it and try it out first? Slow down! We’re going to answer all these concerns and you’ll see how shopping over the Internet can be fun, easy, quick and safe. Let’s take things step by step.

Online shops are just like any other shop that you can find in your street or in your town, but differ in the sense that they use the Internet as their “premises” where they can put their goods on show. Online shops have a number of advantages over real shops, too: they make life easy for you as you can shop from the comfort of your own home, they adapt to your work schedule and they’re open round the clock, and they bring you a much wider range of products. And they’re just as safe because they’re governed by the same rules and regulations as brick and mortar shops.

Some people think shopping on the Internet is really, really difficult ... until they try. If an online shop is well-designed, it’ll guide you through the purchasing process and make your shopping experience a happy one – with all the guarantees that you could wish for. And what’s more, when you set up your User Account you can keep track of all your orders, set articles aside for the future or create your own Wish Lists for any items that have caught your eye. That way you’ll always have the information right at hand about what you’ve bought previously, what you’d like to buy and what you’d just love someone else to buy you as a gift.

Safety need not be a concern when you’re doing your shopping. Payment solutions at online shops commonly use SSL Certificates to guarantee that online transactions are made safely and securely. SSL Certificates are protocols that provide encrypted authentication and ensure information remains private when it is sent over the web. The methods of payment that online shops usually offer are also secure. You can pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer:

  • Credit Card: this works in exactly the same way as when you pay with your credit card at the checkout in a High Street shop, the only difference being that our online shop has a virtual checkout. Payment is made by connecting to your bank’s IT system and all the information is encrypted and sent over the net. Our online server will never keep your bank details and has no access to your PIN number or the security codes on your credit card; this is a private operation between you and your bank.
  • PayPal: this is a company that comes under the so-called electronic commerce – or e-commerce – umbrella and allows you to make safe and secure payment over the Internet for free without the need to type in your credit card details time and time again. For further information visit
  • Bank Transfer: if you choose this option, once you have placed your order the online shop will send you an electronic message to confirm your order that contains its bank details so you can place the transfer. As soon as the transfer for the correct amount has been received your purchase will be despatched. As you can see, safety is guaranteed.

Just like any shop open to the public there is a returns period just in case the customer is not totally satisfied with the item s/he has purchased. It is important to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully before you make any purchase over the Internet, as that’s the section where all the details are included.

Buying guide and general terms and conditions

1. How to make a purchase from Kotori & Co.

Shopping at Kotori & Co is easy and safe. The steps you follow are basically these:

  • Browse the different sections in our catalogue and enjoy discovering the choice selection of products.
  • Place the products you wish to purchase in your Shopping Basket. Indicate the quantity you want to purchase and click on “Add to Basket”. If what you want to do is set up a Wish List or you just want to set aside the items that you like for future purchase, then just add the items to your Wish List (see the section on “What’s a Wish List?”).
  • Every time you put an item into your Shopping Basket you see a summary of all the products you have placed in your basket to date and you will be offered the choice between “Continue Shopping” and "Checkout".
  • If it’s the first time you’re making a purchase at our online shop, when you place your order you will be asked to provide a few details about yourself in order to open an account with us as a registered user. If you’re already a registered user, then all you have to do is put in your username and password.
  • When you sign in as a registered user, make sure the onscreen postal address is correct and click on “Next”.
  • In the next step you will see the shipping costs. Click on “Next” to proceed.
  • You can then choose whichever method of payment you prefer to use: credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Click on “Next” to proceed with your purchase.
  • Finally, before confirming your order and making your payment, check all the details and make sure you know and accept the Conditions of Purchase. There is a space for you to leave us a note with any special information we have to take into account regarding your purchase. If you need an invoice, please indicate it here.
  • To finalise the purchase you will receive confirmation of your order by email.
  • If you are going to make your payment by bank transfer, the email will include the bank account no. to which the transfer has to be made. As soon as we receive confirmation that the payment has been made we will send you another email confirming the purchase and your item will be despatched.

All the purchases made at Kotori & Co are subject to the following General Terms and Conditions at the time the order is placed. Proceeding with the order expressly means that you accept all the conditions, so we do request you read the following carefully before placing an order. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

2. Catalogue and prices

The Kotori & Co catalogue is divided into two main parts: things for your home and things for you. The fixed sidebar allows you to have access to all our products at all times to have a good look at their features, prices and availability. If, however, you know the exact name of the product that you want, you can use our Quick Search box to go straight to it.

In + Kotori you will find a wide selection of products that give that little extra touch to your gift selection as well as gift vouchers so that certain someone can choose whatever he or she prefers from our catalogue. You can also keep up-to-date with all our special offers and the latest additions to our products in this section.

All the prices in our online shop include VAT. All prices are correct and valid while stocks last save for typographical errors. However, prices do not include shipping, which will be given during the purchase process.

3. Registering

To make a purchase at Kotori & Co it is essential that you first register as a user. You only have to do this once, when you place your first order. You then have access to a private User Area on future visits to the shop where you can browse the orders you have placed or modify your registered details. When you register you are asked to fill in the following fields (*required fields):

  • Nickname or User Name *
  • Email address *
  • Password *
  • First name (or company name) *
  • Surname(s) *
  • ID/Passport no. (o VAT no. for companies)
  • Postal address *
  • Contact phone no. *

Your personal ID/Passport or company VAT no. is required if you need an invoice.

As a registered user at Kotori & Co you enjoy a series of advantages:

  • Order tracking. You can track your order from the moment it is despatched just by going into your account.
  • Keep a record of your purchases. You will be able to see a record of all the orders you have placed with us.
  • Wish List. You will be able to set up a personal Wish List of all the items that have caught your eye but that you haven’t actually decided to order yet. When you next pay our shop a visit you won’t have to search through the General Catalogue for them again as you will have direct access to all the products that interest you and be able to order them whenever you decide to.
  • Gift List. Another advantage is that you can turn your Wish List into a Gift List for your birthday, wedding or any other special event.

4. Methods of payment and electronic invoice

We offer the following methods of payment so you can choose the easiest and most suitable way of paying for your purchases for you:

  • Credit Card: payment is made via a virtual checkout connected to the bank and all details are sent in encrypted form over the web. This guarantees a safe and secure transaction and peace of mind for the customer.
  • PayPal: in order not to have to provide your credit card details every time you make a purchase, it is essential that you first set up your own account with PayPal. For further details, visit the website.
  • Bank Transfer: if you choose this option, we will provide you with our bank account details at the end of the purchasing process to enable you to place the transfer.

Whatever method of payment you choose, as soon as payment for the order is confirmed we will be pleased to pack and despatch your order with the utmost care.

If you need an invoice, please request one at the end of the order process by indicating this in the ‘Notes’ box. Please don’t forget to provide us with your ID or Passport details or your company VAT number if you didn’t already do so when you opened your User Account! At Kotori & Co we have chosen to issue electronic invoices because of the paper saving and benefits to the environment involved. For the same reasons, we would request you only print out a copy of your invoice if absolutely necessary. Electronic invoices are emailed in PDF format to customers’ email addresses.

An electronic invoice is a computer-produced tax document in electronic form that replaces the paper document while retaining the same legal value in secure conditions that cannot be matched by the paper version. In IT terms, an electronic invoice is a file that contains all the information that is required for any invoice by law but which can be sent from the issuer to the recipient electronically (from one computer to another) and possesses certain features that ensure its authenticity and security.

5. Shipping costs

At present, Kotori & Co only ship to EU countries (with the exception of Malta and Cyprus), Norway and Switzerland. Shipping costs are not included in prices and will be charged separately. Shipping costs depend on weight, size and destination country.

Calculating shipping costs for your purchase couldn’t be simpler at Kotori & Co: all you have to do is place the items you wish to order in your Shopping Basket and the system will automatically calculate the shipping costs. These costs are then shown during the second step of the purchasing process. There is free shipping for all purchases over 300€.

6. Delivery

Delivery times are subject to product availability and the location to which delivery is to be made. It should be remembered that delivery times are calculated in working days and might be affected by local or national bank holidays. Delivery times are stated in the product details and should be counted from the time that receipt of payment is notified. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays should be regarded as having been placed on the following working day. Unless the customer is advised otherwise, when an order comprises various products with different delivery times, the longest delivery time will apply so that the full order can be sent at one time.

Deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday and before 7pm in the evening and will be made by the contracted courier service. Delivery will be made to the customer’s postal address. Should the customer not be in when the delivery is made, the courier service will contact him or her by phone at the number in the customer’s User Account to arrange another delivery time.

A delivery note which lists the goods will be included with the delivery. Please make sure that the number of packages that appears on the courier’s delivery note is the same as the number of packages delivered. Similarly, if you see that the goods have received a knock or been damaged during transit, you should make a note to this effect on the delivery note or refuse delivery. When you sign the delivery note you are confirming that the delivery is to your full satisfaction.

At Kotori & Co we will do everything within our power to comply with the delivery times stated as long as there are no setbacks due to circumstances beyond the company’s control. The delivery times stated in the details for each product are given on the assumption that the product is available and in stock. Should the product not be available and in stock nor is available from the supplier, the customer will be notified immediately and offered the following alternatives:

  • That the item be replaced with another item of similar price and features.
  • That the customer wait beyond the stated delivery time until the product once more becomes available from the supplier.
  • That the customer be refunded the amount paid; in this case Kotori & Co undertake to notify the customer when the product becomes available again in case he or she is still interested.

Kotori & Co will not be held responsible for any delay or non-compliance with announced delivery times due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure beyond the company’s reasonable control, such as strikes, natural disasters or an event that prevents the use of telecommunications or transport systems. The company’s obligation to deliver on time will be understood to be waived for the duration of the period of force majeure and the delivery time will be extended as long as this is in effect to allow us to comply with our obligations.

7. Cancelling an order

To cancel an order you only have to send us an email at , indicating the reference no. of the order that you wish to cancel with the words "Cancellation of Order" in the subject line. If you have already completed payment by bank transfer you must also supply us with your bank account details so that we can refund payment. We will attend to your request as soon as we are able and we will refund you the purchase cost, including shipping costs, within a period of no later than 20 calendar days (counted from the time when Kotori & Co send the corresponding email to confirm the cancellation of the order).

Kotori & Co will not accept any cancellations of orders without prior notification or when the company’s corresponding confirmation of cancellation has not been received.

Cancellations are not possible once the order has been despatched. In cases such as these customers must follow the returns procedure for unsatisfactory goods as per the terms and conditions set out in the following section.

8. Returns policy

To return a product you only have to send us an email at within 7 calendar days from the date the product was received. Please indicate the order reference no., the reason for the return, specifying “Product return” in the subject line. We will contact you immediately and tell you how to return the product to us. Product returns require agreement between the two parties involved, purchaser and seller, which is why Kotori & Co will not accept any returns without receiving prior notification or when the company’s corresponding confirmation has not been received.

Kotori & Co will accept returns in any of the following cases:

  • The customer is not satisfied with the product and exercises his/her right to discontinue and terminate the purchase process within a period of 7 calendar days from the receipt of the product. In this case, the purchase price will be refunded in full on condition that the product is in the exact same condition (in its original, unopened packaging, not having been assembled and unused) in which it was delivered and as long as all the shipping costs will not be refunded and customers must also pay return shipping costs. Once it has been confirmed that the item has not suffered any damage and is still in its original condition, the cost of the product will be returned within a period not exceeding 20 calendar days from our receipt of the returned object.

  • The product is faulty and the customer notifies Kotori & Co to this effect within a period of 72 hours from receipt of the product. In such cases, once we have confirmed that the defect or fault exists, the product will be replaced with an identical product without delay and at no additional cost.

    In order to better deal with issues regarding faulty goods we would kindly ask customers to keep within the time period for such claims as the greater the period of time that has passed since delivery of the item, the more difficult it will be to ascertain whether the product really does have a manufacturing defect or whether it has been subject to misuse.

    We also suggest that customers check the state of products before signing the delivery note. Should any defect or fault be found, customers should not sign the delivery note and the courier will return the product to us at no cost to you. Kotori & Co must be notified of any incident in the way described above in order for an identical product to be despatched to you as soon as possible.

  • The article is not the product requested by the customer. In this case customers must notify Kotori & Co within a period of 7 calendar days from receipt of the product. Once the mistake has been confirmed, the article will immediately be replaced with the item originally requested at no additional cost.

Should you notice any problems with the packaging, please notify the courier during delivery.

All refunds will be made to the credit card or bank account used by the customer when making the purchase.

We will not accept any returns carriage forward (i.e., courier charges unpaid).

All products that you wish to return and which comprise a single order should be sent to Kotori & Co in a single return package. We reserve the right to refuse products from the same order when they are returned and delivered at different times.

It is the customer’s responsibility to prove that articles have been returned. We will not be held responsible for any losses, delays or deliveries made to incorrect addresses of any product that you wish to return to us.

If your return does not comply with the terms and conditions stipulated above, you will have no right to any refund and the products will returned to you carriage forward.

Our Terms and Conditions do not affect customers’ statutory rights.

9. Refusal of delivery

Should a customer refuse delivery of a package from a courier, one of the following three procedures will be followed:

  • If the refusal is justified by damage to the packaging or because a check on the contents at the time of delivery has shown the product to be defective or not in its rightful condition, please indicate this to the courier service and notify us immediately by email at . We will then send you a replacement product as soon as possible at no additional cost.
  • If there is no justification for the refusal, we will refund you the cost of the article within 20 days of receiving the returned product. Shipping costs will be deducted along with any other costs resulting from the return of the order to our offices.
  • Should a customer notify us of his or her wish to cancel an order after it has been despatched and then refuse to take delivery of same instead of following the returns procedure, Kotori & Co will proceed in the same way as per the previous point. The customer will be refunded the cost of his or her purchase within 20 days from the receipt of the returned order and shipping costs and any other costs resulting from the return of the order to our offices will be deducted. Defects and packaging issues will not be accepted as valid justification for returns of this type.

10. Personal data protection and privacy policy

Kotori & Co use a secure server to guarantee the protection and privacy of all data provided by customers. Our shop is in possession of an SSL Certificate that guarantees that electronic transactions are executed safely and securely. SSL Certificates are encrypted protocols that ensure the authenticity and privacy of information that is sent over the Internet.

Kotori & Co kindly request you to provide your personal details in order to register and create a user account to enable us to despatch your orders, issue invoices and carry out other administrative tasks associated with our website. It is the customers’ duty to ensure that this data corresponds to their real identities; in other words, Kotori & Co consider that all the customer information provided is correct, accurate, up-to-date and full at the time that it is given. Providing incorrect or false details is contrary to our General Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Use of our website. Should you provide information to third parties, it is assumed that you do so with the required authorisation and that you have informed said persons of the Terms and Conditions regarding the use made of their personal data.

Personal data provided voluntarily by our customers will be stored in a file registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency thus enabling us to register you as a customer, email you information about our special offers and new products and process your orders. Kotori & Co undertake to respect the confidentiality of information of a personal nature provided by their customers at all times and will not pass this information on to third parties except in cases where it is necessary in order for the obligations contracted between the legal bearer of the personal data and the website proprietor to be duly fulfilled and administered.

Kotori & Co are hereby authorised to send information related to its commercial activities unless the customer expressly objects.

Customers may at any time exercise their right to access, correct, cancel and object to this personal data in writing in two ways:

  • By email to from the same electronic address that was used to register and open a User Account with us. The subject line should be “My Data”.
  • By sending a letter and including a photocopy of your ID card/Passport to the following postal address:

    Kotori & Co
    C/Cristo de la Sed, nº 30, 1º A.
    41005. Sevilla. España.

The customer assumes all responsibility and undertakes to notify Kotori & Co of any change to his or her personal data that affects the company for the purpose of complying with the principle of the accuracy of the personal data stored in the company file.

By registering you as a user of Kotori & Co you give your consent to the way your personal data are treat in accordance with the terms above. Customers’ statutory rights regarding personal data protection according to the Spanish Data Protection Act are not affected.

What’s a Wish List?

A Wish List is a list of the articles that you’d like to have. A Wish List allows you to keep a record of all the articles that you find interesting but don’t want to purchase yet or, simply, to make a list of all the gifts that you’d like to send someone.

When you visit a product page you can find a link in the product description that enables you to save the article in your Wish List. It will immediately be recorded in your own personal list which you can access whenever you log into your account page using your username and password.

Once you have created a list, you can purchase the articles you are interested in stages or, better still, you can send your Wish List to your boy/girlfriend, fiancé/e, father, mother, friends so they know that you like these articles and that they can send you a gift from Kotori & Co.

To make your own Wish List you have to register as a user first. If you already have a username and password you can access your account and begin to add articles to your list. If you aren’t a registered user yet, you can sign up quickly and easily in the “My Account” section.